Hello, I am

Sangeetha Kailash

The mirror is a beautiful dichotomy. Its said that the human brain automatically elevates the way one looks in front of the mirror. But the mirror is also where a person sees the truth. They can come face to face with what they are, who they are, day in and day out and see where they are heading. People old conversations in front of the mirror with themselves motivating them, checking their progress and transforming themselves. That transformation is beautiful to watch. And its best when you start with yourself. That is how I started.

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".....I became more than just a makeover artist to the people I worked with."

The beginning was a humble attempt across years from my late teens, when I could access makeup to my early twenties, when I could own the makeup I wanted. And when it transformed into an art of presenting oneself and others seeking your advice in presenting themselves, feeling good after, I decided to make this what I do. I wasn’t just applying makeup; I was redesigning a persons look that personified them. And yet again it was a fresh start. Starting clean is good, but certainly not easy. From doing small assists, to my first standalone makeover, to the reputation that goes with ‘Makeovers by Sangeetha Kailash’, it has been one good loop  after the other. In that process I became more than just a makeover artist to the people I worked with. I was a well-wisher and a guide when it came to the day when they had to look their best, their wedding. From small suggestions to important reccomendations, what they needed I gave. And now, I give that to the world.

Here I am, proud to present Varaa by Sangeetha Kailash. Varaa, true to its name, will act like a boon, bringing out the best of bridal, wedding and makeover from across the lands. When this zine finds you, I know you will find whatever you need to make your dream, whether wedding or makeover or look, come to life and grant you, your wishes true.

Varaa by Sangeetha Kailash is a free magazine available every 3 months.